Lenten Practices 2023

The period of Lent marks the time preceding Easter.  The period of 40 days mirrors the 40 days Jesus spent at the very beginning of his mission (Sundays are not counted in the 40 days for those doing the math 😉 ) 

Wilderness experiences are those experiences in our life that bewilder us; causing us to discover new things about ourself, perhaps leading to new and unexpected life. consider the surprise in encountering a blade of grass rising up from the concrete.  For your journey through the wilderness of Lent, Owen Ash and I have put together a Lent Calendar with a different experience each day.  Simply open the door corresponding to the day in Lent … Feb 22 is Day 1, Apr 5 is Day 47.  Part of your Lenten Practice is to Remember. To Remember. To Remember which day it is and where you are on the Journey….

Enjoy the Wilderness HERE

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