Next Council Meeting: September 5th at 7pm

(Council Members: please save 2nd Thurdays in July & August in case needed)

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The Search Committee Meeting is accepting applications for the new minister.  Please speak to a Search Committee member for updates: Remember that this is your Community Church and your thoughts and opinions will help to guide us to find a minister that will meet the needs of the our members, friends, and neighbors.  

Council meets the first Thursday of each month at 7pm to discuss the ongoing business and upkeep of the Church and Meetinghouse.  You don’t have to be a council member to attend the meetings.  If there is an agenda item you’d like to share your thoughts about, please join us.  If there is something you would like to add to agenda, please let us know in advance.

Current agenda includes:
–Upcoming events and missions (the Village Fair)
–Upkeep of the Parsonage and Church
–Updates on the search process for a new minister and interim pulpit supply
–Updating the accessible parking lot

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