Sunday School

Children join the first part of the 9am Sunday service which includes a Moment with the Children piece. The children are then escorted for Children’s education, taught by Linda Wells, our Religious Education Teacher. We offer a progressive Christian-based approach to our children’s education using the Joyful Path curriculum , The Holy Bible and The Shine On series dedicated to teaching our youth.

Summer Vacation Bible School takes place in July at the Mission Covenant Church.  It’s free and supported by the Churches of Orange.

Children’s Moment (November):  Our children are most grateful this season for family, friends, home, and church.  They are looking forward to the countdown with Advent calendars and love pies and turkey and skeeball!!!

Children’s Moment (July):  I need help finding the right words…

Once upon a time there was a (a word you would use to describe Jesus) ______ woman.  She worked very hard at (job) _______, but still had time to make (something you make) ________.  She would give (previous word) _________ and (a type of gift) ________ to her friends and neighbors.  She would give (something you would give to someone hungry) ________ to the poor.  She got together with her favorite friends to make (something you make) _________.  They would share (favorite food) _________ and read (favorite book) _______ to one another.  They would talk about (something you enjoy) _________ and (something that scares you) ________.  They would feel safe and (a word to describe how your friends make you feel) ________ together.  She make other people feel loved and (a word to describe how Jesus makes you feel) _______.  She was a true friend.  

Does this remind you of someone you know? 

She reminds me of Dorcas.  The woman who inspires our Dorcas group.  A woman who was kind and worked hard giving back to her friends, the poor, and others in need.  Just like the people in our church.  



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