Children’s Moment: God & Nature Summer Lesson Three

Touching God’s World

Last week, we talked about our imprint and impact. In the water, on the earth, and perhaps you started to think about other ways you impact the world (and people) around you. What did you learn last week?

Let’s touch.

We’re being told not to touch lately. Keep your hands to yourself. Don’t hug. Don’t touch your face. Don’t touch. I’m going to tell you to touch this week.

Go out in your backyard. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have access to woods that are not well travelled, explore there. And touch things. Notice how the bark on the trees feels. Notice the different types of tree bark. Learn about the different trees by feel. If you’re called, look up the different types of trees and find out what kind of trees they are. Name your trees. Maybe give them names like Oak and Maple or White Pine. Maybe give them names like Fred and George and Bob.

Get to know your trees.

What makes each tree you meet special and unique?

Maybe explore the grass and other greenery in your yard. Touch it. Smell it. Explore it. Notice and name different flowers and weeds. Begin to notice what’s underfoot.

What about moss and different types of mosses?

How about fungus/mushrooms? DON’T TOUCH THE FUNGUS–this is both for your health and the health of the fungus. This is a place to use your eyes. We’re getting good at this not touching thing. Fungus/mushrooms are a good place to keep practicing this.

To Turn in:

Lastly, draw a picture or write or create in some way that shows what you learned or experienced. What was your favorite part of playing in God’s world this week?

Please share your picture, or writings, or whatever you’ve created with Charlotte or Linda. If you’d like it posted on the bulletin board at Church, let us know. If you can’t get there, we’ll print a copy to hang. If you like, we can share your work on our Facebook Page*.

Have fun exploring God & Nature. Last Week’s Lesson can be found HERE.

Look for next week’s God and Nature Summer Lesson.

*Parent’s Note: please let us know if you’re comfortable with us posting your child’s work on the website, facebook page, or both. Let us know if we may credit your child with their first name.

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