Village Fair UnFair 5K

Keep your eyes peeled for the details on the Summer Supper (to go or delivery to local area only-no in house seating). Hint: BBQ is yummy.

We are finalizing the race t-shirts today, so if you’re not registered and want to guarantee a special 2020 t-shirt, register or message me before midnight tonight!!

I will notify you as soon as I get the t-shirts in and arrange pick up!! I’m super excited for them. Designs and colors are picked. Squeeee. They are brightly colored for solo racing. Hmmm, we’ve already had green…that means, they (probably) aren’t green. Hmm.

Racing begins on Saturday the 1st at 12:01am. Run, walk, crawl your way through 3.1 miles anywhere you like, as often as you like until August 15th. By 6pm on the 15th, you will log your best time from those two weeks with me. If you run the actual course, please note that!!

Of note (you know who you are), you can NOT race 3.1 miles over the course of the entire two weeks. You must run/walk/crawl the 3.1 miles you are going to log with me in one consecutive shot. It’s a Church. God is watching.

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