The Search Committee has found a solution as we seek the best minister for our church and meetinghouse.  It is both a possible long term solution and/or a temporary reprieve while we wait for more applicants.  

Our search found few candidates that wish to live in the parsonage and in our community.  While some members are ok with that, most would rather take some extra time to find a minister that will live in and be a part of the day to day life of our community and neighborhood.  To give us more time and to explore other options, the duties of Minister will be shared by Charlotte Weltzin and Julianne Belloli for the next six months (October thru March).  The split will make it possible for each of them to fill in the minister duties while still maintaining their other work.  We ask that you support them through this journey and also offer your input to the Search Committee of how this is meeting your needs.  This feedback will influence the reevaluation in six month and your input is crucial to the vitality of CCNOT.  

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Remember that this is your Community Church and your thoughts and opinions are vital in helping to guide us to find a minister that will meet the needs of the our members, friends, and neighbors for the present and future.

Charlotte Weltzin: Charlotte has been serving the Community Church in this role for many years.  She has filled in as pulpit supply and been a primary fill in (with Julie) during the interim of searching for a new minister.  She has been studying faith and spirituality for many years and has a strong personal spiritual practice.  She enjoys supporting others on their journeys of faith, whether that is through Jesus Christ, God, or whether they are still discovering where their faith lies.  She is honored to be called upon to minister to the people of the Community Church and seeks to guide others to find comfort, peace, and joy through community with one another and the Grace of God.

Julianne Belloli:

“Nothing can be more important than being emotionally and spiritually present for one another.”

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