Children’s Moment: God & Nature Summer Lesson Two

Experiencing and Playing in God’s World

This week is all about exploring our imprint and impact. We, each of us, has a role to play and we impact the world around us. People, places, things…everything we touch, we leave our imprint.

Let’s notice our imprint.

If you’re able, find yourself near a body of water (river, lake, stream, ocean, puddle, etc.) and see if you can find where it’s the calmest. Toss a stone into the water and watch the ripples the stone creates. Try to keep watching until the last ring fades away. Then, find a place where the water isn’t very calm and toss a stone in and watch the ripples the stone creates. Try to keep watching until the last ring fades away.

Where did you notice the ripples the most? The calm water or the turbulent water?

If you’re able to be in the water, walk as slowly as you can into the water and see how little ripples you can make. Next, try to make as BIG of ripples on the water as possible. If you can, notice your imprint on calm water and less calm water (use appropriate safety and caution; I’m thinking a burbling stream not a river crossing).

Where did you notice your ripples the most? The calm water or turbulent water? Did you make bigger ripples than your stone tossing ripples? The same? Less ripples?

Let’s try something else.

Stand on the earth. Anywhere on the earth. Can you feel your imprint on the earth? What if you jump? What kind of imprint do you think you make? Do you think the animals nearby can feel your foot stomping? Did you make an actual footprint or not? Do you think you made an imprint even if you didn’t make a footprint?

How light can you be? How heavy can you be?

Now try this:

Try to walk like a lion. Try to walk like a deer. Try to walk like Godzilla. Try to walk like a bear. Try to walk like a human. Try to walk like a Native American. Try to walk like Jesus. Who do you think walks the lightest?

How do you normally walk? What imprint and impression do you leave behind?

We make an impact, even if we can’t see it.

Don’t skip out because you’re an older kid, or an adult. Playing in nature is healing no matter how old or young you are.

Lastly, draw a picture or write or create in some way that shows what you learned or experienced. What was your favorite part of playing in God’s world this week?

Please share your picture, or writings, or whatever you’ve created with Charlotte or Linda. If you’d like it posted on the bulletin board at Church, let us know. If you can’t get there, we’ll print a copy to hang. If you like, we can share your work on our Facebook Page*.

Have fun exploring God & Nature. Last Week’s Lesson can be found HERE.

Look for next week’s God and Nature Summer Lesson.

*Parent’s Note: please let us know if you’re comfortable with us posting your child’s work on the website, facebook page, or both. Let us know if we may credit your child with their first name.

Photo by MarcTutorials

Photo by James Wheeler

Photo by Miriam Fischer

Photo by Nilina

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