History from the Bar None Notebook

December 4, 1979 – twenty six people enjoyed a Baked Fish Supper put on by Bob Gale and “his Gang”.

Meeting called to order at 8:40 by president Martha Blackmer.

There were no reports–secretary not attending and treasurer forgot his book.

No old business.

Tree lighting will be December 9th at 4pm and Bar None will take care of food expenses.

Next meeting will be January 15, 1980 with Dot Blackmer, Martha Blackmer, Ruth Shaw, and Helen Estabrooks to put supper on and “The MacIsaac’s” will have some slides to show.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50.

Had very interesting movie:  Mark Twain’s America.

Our projectionist had difficulty starting the machine but with the arrival of a reel and much moral support he made it.

Alvaretta Hughes, Sec. Pro-Tem

*Bar None: Neighborhood Gatherings at the Meetinghouse with good food (similar to our current Neighborhood Pot Lucks–next date TBD)



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