Dear Members and Friends,

First and foremost, at this point, we will be having Church Service tomorrow morning.  We are continuing to have service to provide comfort and not to cause stress; if you feel safer at home, please stay home. We strongly urge anyone who is high risk to stay home.  We ask that anyone who is sick in any way or has recently traveled to stay home.

Charlotte will post her Reflection on the website.

There is NO Sunday school tomorrow and the PRAY program has been suspended temporarily so no one feels they must come to Church to “keep up”.  We will update you to the new schedule as things settle down.

There is NO Friday Lenten Service this coming week.

The Pot Luck Scheduled for March has been postponed.

There is no formal Third Thursday lunch this week at The Corner Cafe.

Please make wise choices for your own safety and comfort.  Things change fast.  We will keep you updated any changes here.  

Remember to look for the people doing good, they remind us to be calm and helpful.  Have gratitude.  Share compassion, love, and prayers for those who need it.  This is our practice as a church family: to be beacons of peace, hope, and calm in the midst of the chaos.

Love & Blessings 

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