All Church Events and Services are Cancelled for March

Dear Members and Friends,

We will be closing for the month of March, this does include Sunday Services.  Charlotte will be at the Church to light the altar candles and offer prayers each Sunday.  If you have any special joys, sorrows, or concerns to lift up to God, please contact Charlotte and she will be sure to include your personal prayers.

We know this is hard, but we felt it was the right thing to do in the midst of the current situation.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Charlotte if you need anything.

Remember to look for the people doing good, they remind us to be calm and helpful.  Have gratitude.  Share compassion, love, and prayers for those who need it.  This is our practice as a church family: to be beacons of peace, hope, and calm in the midst of the chaos.

Love & Blessings 

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