Updates: March 24th

Dear Members and Friends,

The Belfry and Neighbors Notes have gone out, and I hope you enjoy the extra ‘keep your hands busy’ addition to this season’s Notes.  Things have changed a bit since the Notes were printed:

Church services and all other events are still canceled or postponed until April 7th.  There was NO CALL TO VOTE on March 22 and the new date is TBD.

On an uplifting note, the Missions Fuel Assistance to four families of 100 gallons of oil has been delivered.  This will help four families in our area navigate financial challenges.

There is a network at the Church/Meetinghouse in place (please read your Neighbor’s Notes).  Should you need support or help, or know of someone who does, please contact us.  We are here to help one another.  We have also connected our Neighbor’s Network to a bigger area (informal) network, should we need to reach out farther than our local area for support.

Things are happening.  They are just a bit more behind the scenes.  We miss gathering together for worship and friendship, but remember that we are all still here and will be able to gather together soon.  

Of note that might bring comfort: Wednesday at Noon, Pope Francis has invited everyone to stop and lift up our words to God with The Lord’s Prayer.  Feel free to join from your home or your porch and know that you are not alone.

Please make wise choices for your own safety and comfort.  We will keep you updated any changes here.  

Remember to look for the people doing good, they remind us to be calm and helpful.  Have gratitude.  Share compassion, love, and prayers for those who need it.  This is our practice as a church family: to be beacons of peace, hope, and calm in the midst of the chaos.

Love & Blessings 

photo of red tulip flower on snow
Photo by Amber Lamoreaux on Pexels.com

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