God & Nature: Lesson Six

What wonders will I discover today?

God offers us so many wonderful things. Good things. God created things and then he paused to look and wonder. He even took that last day off to have a whole day to rest and wonder.

Summer is about rest and wonder, but it’s beginning to come to a close. You can feel that shift in the air. Can you feel it? It’s a little cooler. It’s a little crisper.

What was wonderful about this summer?

What wonderful things are you looking forward to this fall?

What wonderful things are you looking forward to this week?

What wonderful things are you looking forward to today?

Be open to surprises.

Your task, should you choose to accept it:

First: lie on your back outside and just look up. Enjoy and be awed. Whether it’s day or night, there are wonders to see.

Second: Seek out wonderful things this week. How many wonderful things can you discover? Be full of wonder and wow. A little hint: nature is FULL of wonderful things. Look, listen, feel, smell…savor.

List your wonders on the sheet of paper or draw pictures or create in some way your own work of wonder to express the wonderful things you found. Share anything you’d like to share!

Remember to look for wonderful things in every day of your life.

To Turn in:

Lastly, draw a picture or write or create in some way that shows what you learned or experienced. What was your favorite part of playing in God’s world this week? 

Please share your picture, or writings, or whatever you’ve created with Charlotte or Linda. If you’d like it posted on the bulletin board at Church, let us know. If you can’t get there, we’ll print a copy to hang. If you like, we can share your work on our Facebook Page*. 

Have fun exploring God & Nature. Last Week’s Lesson can be found HERE

This is our last God and Nature for the Summer.  They’ll stay posted, you have time to catch up!!

*Parent’s Note: please let us know if you’re comfortable with us posting your child’s work on the website, facebook page, or both. Let us know if we may credit your child with their first name. 

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