A Sunday Reflection on Gratitude

This morning’s service will be live on Zoom and post only for on Sunday this week before being deleted.

Let us prayer together.  This was met with such love last year that I thought we would repeat it.

This morning, to honor gratitude in different traditions, I have chosen prayers of abundance from different faiths.  There is something so beautiful in sharing one’s own prayers of devotion and gratitude and there is something lovely in listening to how other faiths honor abundance, gratitude and Grace.  

In reading Holy Envy, Barbara Brown Taylor reminds us to appreciate gifts from others with Thanksgiving and also to share your faith by giving back the very best of it in your own prayers, your passion, and your deeds. All done with Thanksgiving in the name of Jesus, in the name of Grace, in the name of God.  

As I was reading some of the prayers from last year, I realized how many things there are that we rely on, that we never expected to change, that we took for granted have changed.  It was a deep reminder to never take for granted the simple Thanksgivings.  We might lift up our prayers of thanksgiving for new things this year.  We might lift up more prayerful wishes of thanksgiving.  We might lift up more prayers, for ourselves, for others, for both.

Maybe it’s a year to write our own prayers. Prayers from our own hearts and needs out of quiet moments with God and abundance.  Maybe it’s a year to come back to our favorite prayers.  One of my favorite teachers says that there is power is really befriending one beautiful prayer that one deeply resonates with.  To repeat it, to reflect on it, to allow it to become a part of us.  Maybe this is the year for that one simple, perfect prayer to become a part of us.  

The simplest of prayers are often the most precious.  

Like last year, I will offer these prayers as they are without giving their traditions to either distract you as you puzzle out what traditions they are from.  But also to allow you to enjoy the prayers as they are, without labels.  As prayers and gifts, to (?), from (?) God.   

Try to simply listen. Some you’ll like. Some maybe not.  Listen to works of songs and prayers and poems of Thanksgiving.  Allow these words to prepare you for a week of gratitude and love. Allow these words to remind you of your blessings and abundance.  Allow gratitude to open this coming season of sharing, giving, love, and light.  Allow these prayers to open your heart.  

Please join us live to hear the chosen prayers…

Allow these songs of devotion to enter your heart and feed your sense of grated and abundance.  Allow these prays this week to open your heart and soul to the coming season of sharing, giving, love, and light.  

May your prayers support you to see Grace in every moment.  

May your prayers remind you that there is more than we can know and see. 

May your prayers offer you comfort and faith.  

Closing Blessing: BLK 859

We thank you, for you are our God, and God of our fathers and mothers forever.  You are the refuge of our life, the Shield of our help.  From generation to generation my we thank you and count your praises––evening, morning, and noon––for our lives which are committed into your hand, for our souls which are entrusted to you, for your miracles which are with us every day, for your wonder and goodness at all times.  O Good One, your compassion does not fail.  O Merciful One, your lovingkindness never ceases.  Forever we hope in you.  Amen

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