February’s Afternoon English Tea (to go)

February’s Afternoon English Tea will look a little bit different this year. The tea will include the usuals: tea with scones and jam, clotted cream, and lemon curd. You’ll get an assortment of tea sandwiches (4 varieties) and assorted finger desserts. Tea is from Fortnum and Mason of London.

But…it will be bagged up to go. You’ll need to supply your own hot water, cream/milk, and table settings. We encourage you to bring out the china…the china tea cups, the china plates, the silverware, the cloth napkins, the lace…all the let’s feel special trimmings. Perhaps you’ll even want to dress up. Why not?

We are also offering an optional Zoom Tea Time at 3pm. Here we can gather and enjoy our tea together. You may choose to gather with your own family “pod” at home or FaceTime on your own with your tea sisters and brothers, and that’s fine too. But we’ll be on Zoom if it’s been a while since you’ve seen a group of faces and want some company for your tea!

Here are the details. PLEASE order by THURSDAY February 11 at noon. You can call or message.

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