Spring Belfry Notes

Spring is in the air and so is resurrection, renewal, and rebirth. We’re beginning to transition back into the Church for hybrid services (both Zoom and in house). At this point, we are planning to continue to offer a hybrid option into the future for those near and far. We have found that Zoom/hybrid has its gifts and blessings.

We are sure most of you are wondering about Easter. We have decided that we would like to stay on the side of caution, so the 9am service will be fully remote this year. We will have a sunrise service at 6:30am from the steps of the church. Outside, we’ll have fresh air and be able to spread out.

Of important note: April 25th and May 2nd services will also be fully remote. Charlotte will be away for those Sundays, but with the help of Zoom and Jared, you can enjoy services co-offered by Nate and Jean.

We are also planning to continue Suppers To Go each month, so keep your eyes peeled. On Earth Day, April 22nd, we’ll be having A Shepherd’s Pie Supper. When you pick up your supper, you can also grab a plant to take home and plant in honor of Earth Day. In fact, you can find flowers at most of the Churches in Orange to take home for Earth Day. This is part of the Interfaith Neighbors Connecting network to celebrate our Earth. Volunteers will be quietly, and safely, cleaning up the neighborhoods of trash on this day as well. Feel free to help by cleaning up your neighborhood and if you’d like to donate flats of hardy spring flowers, please let us know.

Annual Meeting is around the corner, on May 23rd right after church. All reports are due by May 9th so that we can get the Annual Report readied for the meeting. This seemed like a great year to reflect on our vision moving forward, so please keep your eyes peeled for a “survey”. This can be completed on line, or in person, and will help us to use this past year’s lessons to build an even stronger Church, Meetinghouse, and community moving forward. We’re excited to be brainstorming for this vision piece and need your help. Please fill out a survey when you get it…yes, it’s for everyone: members, neighbors, and friends near and far.

As we come around to Annual Meeting, please let us know if you are interested in joining any committees or groups or help out for events. Council membership is a one year term. We also are beginning to resurrect our groups, including the Missions committee, Dorcas, Supper teams, and more. There’s something for everyone, our work is to work together to find the thing that each of us has the skills (and time) to commit to support our Church and Meetinghouse.

Our kids are completing their PRAY badges as we speak and we will be awarding them their badges and patches soon. Keep your eyes peeled for that date to post. We’re hoping to be at a point when we’ll be able to share pizza together. I know, it sounds strange, but the kids understand.

Over the summer, we are going to be doing some garden tending. It’s gotten a little unruly over the years. Some of you have flowers planted in the garden and some of those flowers are in memory of loved ones. This spring and early summer, we will be digging up the garden and putting the plants we’d like to keep in a temporary home. If there are any plants in the garden that you particularly want saved or that have a story you’d like to share, please let us know. Once the plants are in their temporary garden, we are plotting a garden redesign. The special plants will be returned to the new garden. New plants will arrive. Maybe a bench. We’re thinking that a nice Prayer and Meditation Garden sounds like something lovely to spend some time in.

We’re hoping that summer events will return, as usual. Please keep your eyes peeled for details and dates for summer.

In the meantime, Happy Spring and May Your Life be full of Joy and Comfort.

Love & Blessings, Charlotte and CCNOT

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