April Updates

If you are on our email list, you received this email in your inbox. If you didn’t, and would like to, please update your email with us. Thank you….

Good Morning,

A few updates and notes for the upcoming weeks. Please read. There’s a lot, I will try to “highlight the good parts”.

First, we are walking this morning. Our Lenten Walks have extended into spring. If you’d like to join us, we’re meeting at 10am at the Church. All are welcome. (I will not be at walks for the next two weeks).

The Sunday Service Schedule: this Sunday (April 18th) will be a usual hybrid service with me. The following two Sundays will be fully remote. Nate will be leading services on the 25th and Jean will be leading services on May 2. Communion will be May 9th, when we return to hybrid services again. Zoom Links for all will come to your inbox on Sunday morning and you can use the same link for these next few Sundays.

The Annual Meeting is right around the corner on May 23rd, right after Church. There is a “vision survey” coming out next week to your email box and the website and even facebook. I will make sure there are hard copies at the church if you need to fill it out that way. It will be short and anonymous. Multiple choice with places to offer comments. Please take the time to fill it out. Coming off of a year of the unexpected and having to really look closely at how we do everything is a great time to look at and work on our vision together. We’ve missed so much, let’s remember that. Your input helps us to see what we collectively want to continue, add, or even let go of. PLEASE, take just a few minutes to fill it out when it comes. It’s important, and yes, near and far, your input matters! Members, non-members, friends, and neighbors. That’s everyone. Also, please share the survey with anyone you think has some thoughts for our Church and Meetinghouse!! Please fill out a Vision Survey by May 3rd. Please. And, please, again.

This is a great time to consider joining a group to help out. There’s something for everyone: the crafty, the cooky, those who like to support mission work, those who like to make plans, those who like to do things from the background…truly, there is something for everyone and any and all help is welcome. The more the merrier. This is also a nice time to consider becoming a member of the Church. Please reach out if that is something you have been considering and would like to talk about what that looks like or plan on it.

Reports for the Annual Meeting are due on May 9th. If you would like, or need, me to join your meeting to finalize reports, please reach out and we can find a time that works.

Don’t forget our Shepherd’s Supper on Thursday the 22nd. Earth Day. RSVP with me by Tuesday. We deliver locally. It will be Earth Day, which is a great day to get your hands dirty…small pansies will be available for anyone (while supplies last). Happy Spring. Happy Earth.

On a last note, if you need support or just want to talk, please reach out. We can find a time to meet or talk or go for a hike/walk together. I’m here to support you on the journey.

Happy Snowy Spring Day.

Love & Blessings,

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