Friday From the History Books

Dorcas Meeting: January 20, 1954

Meeting called to order by Vice-President Norma Johnson at 2:55 with eleven present at the home of Mrs. Osgood.

Devotions by Winnie Williams.

Secretaries report read. Cards of thanks received from Mrs. Whitman and Jeanette Smith for flowers received and from Norman and Irene Walsh, John and Ruth Holston. Robert and Marguerite Rouleau, Roy and Frances Blackmer, for lamps sent as wedding gifts.

Report of food and Christmas sale $48.23.

Helen Worrick on committee to get lamp for Eugene and Margaret Castine for wedding present.

Livee to be held Feb 22 with Norma Johnson in charge.

Discussion about sending mittens and warm clothing to Korea.

Program in form of a discussion about what do you expect of your church on which several spoke interestingly.

Dorothy Blackmer Secretary

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