A Day of Remembering

Twilight of the Year

As the season turns dramatically with October’s shift into November, it’s a time one of seasonal twilight.  It is not still light, but it is not yet dark.  There is a shifting and a change.  There is a sense of thinning between the worlds of heaven and earth.  There is a feeling of disconnect and a feeling of connection.  

There is a somberness to the end of the day.  

There is a somberness to the end of this season.  

There is a letting go feel to All Hallow’s Eve.  A renewal in All Soul’s Day.  A bitterness and a sweetness.

There is a reminder that all things change in the cycle of life and death and rebirth.  It is a reminder to take a moment to reflect and make peace with ourselves, our lives, and our loves.  To honor those still living and those who have passed.  

There is so much to be reflected on, contemplated on, and meditated on.  There is so much to be said and so little to be said.  Twilight and change is a season of turning inward. Our own connection to what is divine and  most important.  

Remembering that to fully live our lives we must find balance and prioritize…  

Prayer.  Reflection.  Creating Space…it can be so hard to find the balance of work, life, and play.  It can be even harder to find the balance of work, life, play, and prayer/quiet time.  

The twilight time reminds us of connection.  The balance point between day and night, between heaven and earth, between the world of spirit and the world of living, between being and doing, between work and rest.  

Sometimes the best way to learn is from those who came before us and those who struggle beside us and remembering that we ourselves are also teaching…

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