Week of Christmas Music Treats begin….

Let’s start the week off with some lute music with the talented Seth Warner:

The piece is “Fortune my Foe” by John Dowland.

Fortune, my foe, why dost thou frown on me?
And will thy favors never lighter be?
Wilt thou, I say, forever breed my pain?
And wilt thou not restore my joys again?

In vain I sigh, in vain I wail and weep,
In vain my eyes refrain from quiet sleep;
In vain I shed my tears both night and day;
In vain my love my sorrows do bewray

Then will I leave my love in Fortune’s hands
My dearest love, in most unconstant bands
And only serve the sorrows due to me:
Sorrow, hereafter, thou shalt my Mistress be

Ah, silly Soul art thou so sore afraid?
Mourn not, my dear, nor be not so dismayed
Fortune cannot, with all her power and skill
Enforce my heart to think thee any ill

Live thou in bliss, and banish death to Hell;
All careful thoughts see thou from thee expel:
As thou dost wish, thy love agrees to be
For proof thereof, behold, I come to thee

Die not in fear, not live in discontent;
Be thou not slain where blood was never meant;
Revive again: to faint thou hast no need
The less afraid, the better thou shalt speed

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