A Garden Blessing

May God’s many faces of Grace bless this Garden.  

Our Garden.  A garden for everyone.  

A place for us to gather together. 

A place to gather ourselves in solitude.

A place to pray. A place to sit.  A place to read.  

A place to meditate, to contemplate, to reflect.  

A place to cry.  A place to laugh.  

May this garden be a place for all of us.

May each unfolding leaf and bud soften us and remind us that each person grows and blooms in their own time.  

May each falling petal and each falling leaf help us to shed our grief and our pain and our suffering.  

May every blossom unfurling in its unique Beauty remind us to remember our abundance of Loves and Gratitudes and Blessings.  

May this Garden nurture each and every one of us.  

Many thanks to all of the hands that made this happen. Love &. Blessings.

3 thoughts on “A Garden Blessing

    1. We’re so happy you’re enjoying the Reflections and Work. Welcome.


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