Visit A Sister Church

This coming Sunday is “Visit a Sister Church Sunday”. Please enjoy a Reflection from another church this week. You may choose to visit one of our Interfaith Neighbors Connecting (INC) churches. You are also invited to visit Violet’s Church on Saturday morning. You may choose to visit another church of your choice or practice worship in your own way. You may choose to sit in The Garden and watch the sun rise. There will be a short service posted on our website for Sunday to gather together our prayers with one another and offer a mini reflection to ponder. Sunday school is happening as usual.

Please Remember to share with me your short memories of loved ones who have passed. We are going to have a an All Soul’s Remembrance Service on October 30th to gather together the wisdom we have gained from those who have passed on. Please share with me the name of the loved one and one or two small paragraphs or bullet points to be shared. All are Welcome. Please submit to me by Monday October 24th.

RSVP for October’s Paint and Sip soon. This is hosted by the talented Austina on Saturday the 29th from 1-3pm. All proceeds support the Church and the Good Work of the Church.

SAVE THE DATE: Holly Fair on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. If you are able to help out, please let us know! We can use extra hands gathered together.

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