Merry, Happy, Joyful, Warm, Peaceful, Hopeful, Loving Christmas to All

Nativity resonates with us.  All is Calm.  All is Bright.  Reminder of all the beautiful quietness of Home.  Home and the simple Joys.  Family.  A warm hearth (whatever that means).  Appreciation of Safety and loving arms.  

Maybe that’s why we tidy and clean.  Why we brighten our homes.  Why we put up the decorations and the greenery.  A reminder that home is precious.  Family is precious.  We are precious.  

Love.  Love and Potential begins at home with small love.  Small loves becomes big Love.  Small hopes become big Hope.  Small joys becomes big Joy.  Small faith/trusts becomes big Faith.  

You who know me well know that a favorite saying is: to have Big Peace, we need peace in our hearts, peace in our homes, peace between neighbors, peace in our village, peace in our town, peace in each nation, peace between nations, peace in the world.  Small peace becomes big Peace.  It starts small and ripples.  

Maybe that’s why the small family of the Nativity resonates so deeply with us.  Mary.  Joseph, Baby Jesus.  It’s us and it’s Beyond us.  

Mary is one of my favorites.  All is Calm.  All is Bright. All is Reflected. All is Treasured. In her heart.  In her heart, where it all begins.  We can be like Mary: calm and bright in our hearts. The beginning point of the ripples.  In her.  In Him.  In us.

Real, Big Love is the true Mystery and Grace IN our lives.  The Big Gift. The Nativity reminds us of the gifts we already have.  That we have all that we need.  Gifts are a reminder of love, only accent pieces to what’s already perfect in our family, Our community.  Our World.  Beyond.  Big.  Small.  Everything in between.  The gift isn’t big, the Nativity, the small family is enough.  

Go into the rest of the day carrying this peace with you.  Hold it in your heart.  Carry it into the week.  Into the Christmas Season (after all, this is only the first day of the 12 days of Christmas). Carry this treasure into a New Year.  

Remember the preciousness of heart, hearth, and home.  Remember the Love.  God’s Love bubbling and rippling from a tiny manger…let us rejoice and sing…

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