Lenten Devotions with INC

So much gratitude for listening to one another.  To learn of our linked and individual histories.  One can almost feel the tendrils of each coming together, creating a rich network.  Like a web.  A web that holds us together. Supports us.  

Touching one another, tugging one another, no matter where we are on the web.  A tear in one part, we can feel the ripple throughout the whole.  Put together, heal, another part and it ripples thought the whole.  

Love shines like a shimmering light crawling across the strands like a morning sun (remember the Easter Sunrise Services…it is so worth getting up)…illuminating and clearing the shadows.  Some places seem to shine brighter, where there has been healing and Good Work.  They shimmer and share their brightness like dewdrops reflecting the light even brighter and more Loving.  

Maybe God is at the center of the web reflecting out and touching each of us.  

Maybe God is the sunlight shining on the wholeness of the web.  

Maybe God is the web. In every part of the the web.  With us.  In us.  As us.  

Maybe God is everything and everywhere.  Bigger than we can possible know.  

As we come together with our beautiful diverse histories and stories here and in the wider world, may we remember the web that connects us and touches each and every one of us.  

May we Believe in Everything.  

Maybe we Walk the Path of Love in the footsteps of Jesus.  

May we Simply Love.  

All are Welcome Together in our small corner of the Web to walk and trust in faith and grace.  

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