Belfry Notes

Where all are Welcome

The trees are letting go, perhaps somewhat wildly, to prepare for the more reflective, quiet season to come  We hope that everyone is settled back into comfortable homes after the storm.  

To answer the biggest question on everyone’s mind, the Search Committee has found a solution as we seek the best minister for our church and community.  It is both a possible long term solution or a temporary reprieve while we await more applicants.  

Few applicants wished to live in the parsonage/community, and while some members are ok with that, most would rather not (especially after the storm this past weekend that reminded us of how important that connection is).  To give us more time, the duties of Minister will be shared by Charlotte Weltzin and Julianne Belloli for the next six months (October thru March).  The split will make it possible for each of them to fill in the minister duties while still maintaining their other work.  We ask that you support them through this transition time and also offer your input to the Search Committee of how this is meeting your needs.  This feedback will influence the six month reevaluation.  Your input is crucial to the vitality of CCNOT.  

Home, nursing home, and hospital visits have resumed.  Please let us know if you need counsel or company.  If you would like to meet at the Church, please ask Charlotte or Julie to set up a time to meet with one or both of them.  There are currently no set office hours.  

There’s a lot happening, more coming, and loads of ideas for growth. We look forward to meeting new friends, old friends, & coming together in our shared space.  

As always, all are welcome.  

–Love & Blessings, Charlotte & Julie                    

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