Children’s Moment: God & Nature Summer Lesson Five

How was your visit with Darkness last week? Was it scary? Was it exciting? Was it a little of both? What did you learn last week?

Don’t forget to walk or run or crawl or hopscotch your 3.1 miles this week!!!

“Lord, help me honor You in the way I serve you in all things–big and little–and also in those things no one else ever notices. Thank you for Your attention to both the big and the small.” (L. Giglio)

Be wowed this week!! The Perseid meteor shower is beginning to build up. It peaks on Tuesday and Wednesday, so keep looking up (especially in the still dark morning hours–uh oh, should you wake up your parents early?).

It’s pretty spectacular. The sky. Right?

But don’t just look up. Look down. Look at the individual leaves in the trees. Look at all the masterpiece of creation in a single leaf. Look at all those veins and ridges. Imagine the leaves turning color soon.

Look at the caterpillars. Bees (maybe not too close, they command a bit of respect). Look at a spider web. Look at all the different types of mushrooms and birds. Listen to the birds. What do the birds have to say in all those different voices?

There are so many cool things. Big and small. God didn’t just give all his attention to the big, cool things. He spent a lot of time building and creating every little thing.

Think about all the things you do. Can you spend just as much time, and put just as much importance to each and everything you do this week? Can you pay as much attention to cleaning your room or washing the dishes as you do to building a Lego creation or competing in a game?

Can you give as much love and attention to everything you do as God does? Not just making the sky super cool, but making a single blade of grass spectacular.

Can you really appreciate everything this week? Big and small?

Again, remember you older kids and parents can join in. ALL of us get distracted by the really big, important things in life that take all our focus. Can you be just as interested in all the small things (laundry, dishes, brushing your teeth) that make up your day as the big things (those things we get “credit” for) that everyone notices?

To Turn in:

Lastly, draw a picture or write or create in some way that shows what you learned or experienced. What was your favorite part of playing in God’s world this week?

Please share your picture, or writings, or whatever you’ve created with Charlotte or Linda. If you’d like it posted on the bulletin board at Church, let us know. If you can’t get there, we’ll print a copy to hang. If you like, we can share your work on our Facebook Page*.

Have fun exploring God & Nature. Last Week’s Lesson can be found HERE.

Look for next week’s God and Nature Summer Lesson.

Next week is our last Lesson in God & Nature for the summer!! They’ll stay posted, you have time to catch up!!

*Parent’s Note: please let us know if you’re comfortable with us posting your child’s work on the website, facebook page, or both. Let us know if we may credit your child with their first name.

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  1. Loved this!!!


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