Wednesday Reflection

The giving of gifts. A recent reading was a reminder that Advent is a time of turning inward. Prayer, fasting, and giving. Giving. Giving as a sort of fasting, as a form of sacrifice.

What is it that someone else needs that I can give?

Maybe it’s something that we have and can give. Maybe we have a resource that someone else doesn’t that allows us to be able to give. Perhaps, this…this is the meaning of gift giving. Of Christmas.

May we be sure to give gifts of love and be sure that a few of them are gifts are given in the spirit of true compassion. May we give and reflect on the abundance in our lives. May we share from that feeling of fullness and abundance of God’s Grace.

Exercise: Go into your closet/box/room and find one thing that you love but have not worn/used/noticed for a while. What happens when you consider giving this item away? Could you give it away? Could you not give it away? Reflect on your thoughts and feelings as you consider this item and giving. Maybe this item is returned to the closet and you gave yourself a gift of insight. Maybe you gave yourself a gift of insight and were also able to pass this item on to someone who could use it more.

Personal Reflection: What is it that someone else needs that I can give?

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