A Message:

As we watch the unfolding events in the capital, remember that this is not who we are. It is a test of our country, a test of democracy, but it is not who we are.

Do not allow this shocking moment to define us. Do not let it make us hard or hopeless. We have work to do. But we can do it with love. We can do it with kindness. We can do it with hope.

Jesus did his work against all odds. He did it with love, faith, and hope. Jesus changed the world with love. Love of family, neighbors, and enemies. This is not to avoid the work, or turn away, but to choose the path of peace with which to do the work. Perhaps the path that takes even more Courage than the path of violence.

Pray for our country. Pray for the lost and the injured. Pray for our neighbors. Pray for the misguided. Pray for peace.

Be peace. Be love.

1 thought on “A Message:

  1. Thank you Charlotte 🙏🏽

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