History Moment: Forming of the Dorcas Society

2021 Notes: Dorcas still meets on Wednesday at the church. Their next function is the Village Fair on August 21. They fundraise to support the church and other good work in the community. Many of the things at the fair have been there since the beginning. You’ll also find some new events and offerings. Please join us…this year we have the traditional Quilt Raffle and a silent auction for a cord of dry, seasoned wood (delivered to the local area). We’ll have crafts, baked goods, ice cream, and lunch. We’ll have Birds of Prey and Music to enjoy. We also kick off our Village Fair with a 5K Fun Walk/Run (photos at the top of the hill).

North Orange Mass. 

November 7, 1945

At a meeting held this evening in the Library at 8 p.m. called by the committee consisting of Louise Miller, Almira Estabrooks, Norma Johnson and May Holston, for the purpose of forming a ladies society of the Community Church of North Orange, the following were present and enrolled as members:

Louise Miller 

Almira Estabrooks

Bertha M. Arnot

Helen E. Littlewood 

Jeannette C. Smith

Norma E. Johnson

Shirley M. Gale

Myrtha Gale

Edna Moore

Mary A. Green 

Lena E. Johnson

Jessie C. Chenausky

Blanche M. Blackmer

Mary S. Phillips

The following articles for the constitution were presented and voted on:

Article I, This society shall be called the Dorcas Society of the North Orange Community Church.

Article II, The object of the society shall be the promotion of social, financial, and charitable interest of the Church

Article III, The officers of the society shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer elected annually. The duties of the president shall be to preside at all meetings and have a general supervision of its affairs and the Vice-President to act in her place when necessary. The secretary and treasurer shall discharge the duties devolving upon such officers. The treasurer shall pay all bills voted by the society by order of the secretary. Both secretary and treasurer shall give an annual report of all monies received and dispersed.

Article IV, Committees shall be designated as follows;

  1. Church aid, for raising money at suppers and social events. Five members.
  2. Work committee, to supervise all sewing projects. Five members
  3. Floral committee. Three members.

Article V, Meetings shall be held at the Church or with the members of the society as appointed by the president. The time of meetings to be the first and third Wednesday afternoon or evening, twice monthly. The annual meeting shall be the last of April.

Article VI, Anyone may become a member of the society by signing the constitution. The dues shall be $.50 a year. Membership fee to be $.25.

Article VII, The by-laws or constitution may be altered of amended at any regular meeting by a vote of 2/3 of the members present, provided a notice of such a change be given at the previous meeting.

Article VIII, The number of members to constitute a quorum shall be nine.

Changed to five on June 4, 1958

The following officers were elected. 

President Mary Holston

Vice-President Louise Miller 

Secretary Bertha Arnot

Treasurer Norma Johnson

Motion made and accepted to continue this meeting on Wednesday November 14th. All present enrolled as members of the new ladies society. 

Motion made to adjourn subject to call of the president for the next meeting

Bertha M. Arnot Sec’y

1 thought on “History Moment: Forming of the Dorcas Society

  1. Thank God for our Dorcas!!!


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