Dorcas Historical Notes

North Orange December 5,1945

The Dorcas Society met with the president, Almira Estabrooks.

Reports of the organizing meeting and articles of the constitution were read in full for the benefit of new members.

The work committee reported that, until apron material could be provided , the making of holders was planned for a sewing project.

Membership fees of $2.50 was received. Wreaths were made by those present as no other work was available. Proceeds from the sale of wreaths to be added to the building fund.

New members enrolled since the last meeting are: Carrie Newton, Jessie Newton, Dorothy Blackmer, Ruth Woodman, Florence Rice, Jean Denno, Grace French, Daisy White, Janet Johnson.

Total of nine (9) making the present membership thirty-one (31). Number present, twelve (12) Next meeting will be held with the Vice-President Louise Miller, on Dec. 19th at 2 o’clock.

Voted to adjourn.

Louis Miller Sec’y (pro tem)

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