Sunday Reflection

Our Sunday reflection this morning is full of prayers and songs and poems celebrating Summer. To remind us how beautiful summer is and as it begins to wane and close, it is full of those little “love notes” from the divine.  To show gratitude for summer and all that summer shows us of beauty, love, and Grace…

Because of copyright respect, we will not be posting the prayers and poems. We do invite you to explore a prayer of poem of summer that brings you a sense a peace and Grace.

Closing Blessing:

As the storms come, God be with us.  Help us to keep safe and well.  Keep those who work and struggle in the storms safe and well.  May you help to keep our shelters safe from the winds and waters of storms.  May you help to keep our fears and anxieties at bay.  May you help us to remember that we are sheltered, we are safe, and we are loved. May you help those of us to wade through the storm with a touch of your Grace.  Amen.  

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