You are the Light of the World

  • Please remember that Afternoon Tea is on February 18th. Space is limited and filling up quickly.
  • We are continuing to collect for Souper Bowl. Please bring non-perishable food items, like soup, or monetary donations if you like to be delivered to the Food Pantry this week.
  • We will begin formally collecting for Fuel Assistance later this month.

This Reflection is inspired by seasonal readings, passages of light and love, and readings from Diana Butler Bass.

This is the time of the presentation of Jesus in the temple.  It is the time of cleansing and purification in the forty days after the birth of Jesus.  Cleansing is a familiar theme.  We have the cleansing of baptism with Epiphany.  This is a time of a cleansing of fire.  

This is the closing festival in the Cycle of Light.  Advent counts down and lights the darkness with light, slowly building one at a time in the darkness.  Advent is the waiting and awakening of Light.  The time of already and not yet.  PAUSE.  We follow the light of the star.  We follow the light of the angels.  We follow the light spilling forth from the inns and lanterns along the way.  

It is the awakening and new beginning of Light as we light the Christ candle and celebrate Christmas.  We relight our “God Candles” from that light on Christmas morning.  We continue that lineage of light each Sunday as we relight our candles from the flame that came before.  And before that.  PAUSE.  We are given the Gift of Light.  

As we come to Epiphany (and the cleansing of water), we see the light as the Holy Dove and the Holy Spirit.  The dove lights up the Light of God in the world.  Grace walks the world.  We find the light and we follow the light.  We learn from the light.  PAUSE.  

Candlemas is ablaze with Light.  PAUSE.  It’s the culmination of light.  

In many traditions, this time is celebrated with light and fire (physical fire and metaphorical fire).  This is a time of ritual purification by fire.  Practically, it’s when the herd animals were returned to the fields (often through fire to cleanse them after winter’s confinement).  It’s the beginning of the farming season.  It’s the beginning of the lambing season.  It is a time of hope and new beginnings.  It’s a celebration of survival.  The brutal season is beginning to come to a close.  We’re halfway to Spring!!  We can take stock and know…we have enough.  We’re to make it.  PAUSE.  

This is celebrated with light and fire.  Festivals of Celebration.  Hope and new beginnings.  

This is the celebration of Saint Brigit, the saint of fire and the light of wisdom.  We collectively celebrate in America with Groundhog’s Day where we wish for a return of the light and warmth to come…just a little faster.

Light.  Fire.  It’s warmth.  Wisdom.  Illumination.  Comfort.  Ease.  Food.  Security.  Safety.  Kindness.  Sweetness.  Delight.   All those things we talked about with the Children and Young People.  

We’ve been following God’s Coming and the Gift of Light.  We’ve been learning from the Light that walks the earth with human feet.  

Advent, we wait.  Christmas, we receive. Epiphany, we follow.  Candlemas, we become the light.  PAUSE Now, it is our turn to take up the flame.  

We are part of the light and the joining together of lights.  We are part of the procession that brightens the world.  What does light mean?  It means to cheer the world.  To bring kindness.  To love even when it’s hard.  To bring warmth and comfort, in all the ways.  To turn to peace when we are angry.  To pardon when we are hurt.  To bless those we don’t feel deserve our blessings…

We see a lot of what we don’t want to be in the world.  Let’s face it, we do a lot of what we don’t want to be in the world.  If we focus on being reflections of the Light in this world, who do we want to be?  PAUSE.  We are illuminated by those we admire.  That’s why we love stories so much.  Stories from the Book.  Stories of the Saints and Mystics.  Stories in books.  Our heroes. Our heroines.  Stories that are told and retold in all the ways.  Stories help us to discover…to illuminate…what kind of Light we are.  PAUSE.  

We are part of the Light!  What a gift and a joyful obligation!  It’s easy to be sad and despairing in this world.  It’s easy to point fingers at the problems and the problem makers.  But we are gifted a Faith of Love.  Love is Joy.  This is hard in a world where we are taught to look for the troublemakers…but what happens when we look to the good-makers?  What happens when we hold the light to shine on the good-makers?  

Light.  See the light. Follow the light.  Know the light.  BE the Light.  

We Imagined last week with Ed.  Continue this week as we imagine the beauty of light.  Imagine YOUR light.  Is it just a spark?  Is is a glowing ember?  Is it a reflection of light?  Is it a strong light?  Is it like the sun or the moon or a star?  Is it a flicker of flame?  A glorious bonfire?  A tall and sturdy lighthouse?  A softly illuminating coal?  Or simple candle flame?  PAUSE.

What gifts of the light do you bring and reflect to make the world and your people a bit brighter?  

PAUSE to Reflect….

Look around you.  If on Zoom, look at the names or the video or imagine each person in this space.  What gifts of light do they each bring and reflect  to make the world and their people a bit brighter?  

PAUSE to look around and Reflect…

May you continue in this week ahead to pause and look around and reflect. May you be Blessed to see all the little lights…lighting the way.  Bless them…those are God Lights at work in the world.  Big and small and everything in between….

Passing of the Peace.  Go and Be the Light…answer the call to Light, and Love, and Goodness.    

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